Why Ontoor Solutions?




We understand our customer’s expectations. Our sole goal is to make sure we are delivering the best quality services. We have been partners in our customer’s success by standing by their side.

Over many years we are innovating solutions for our customers to meet their market needs. We have undivided focus and dedication toward our customer’s success and growth.

Our expertise is in Estimations, Timelines, customer satisfaction and integrity. Our customer’s wish is our command to make them market leaders.






We provide a variety of services, such as Application development, Application maintenance, Application integration, and software consulting. We work with a wide range of clients, including small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. We are specialized in Oracle APEX, OCI and AZURE app development.






Ashish Sahay (Founder and CEO)

Expertise in Oracle Technologies like SQL, PLSQL and Oracle Application Express, widely known as APEX. People management is his forte where he shines the most. He has undivided trust in his employees. His sole focus is customer growth.